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Terms and Conditions

By submitting a website for review and making a payment by PayPal you (The Advertiser) accept the following terms and conditions:

Offers, Freebies, Competitions and Deals are only listed upon editorial approval by the Publisher (Hardly Rocket Science Ltd). Where listings are rejected the Publisher will refund any pre-payment made by the Advertiser. Refunds are subject to a £30 administration fee if the listing is deemed by the Publisher to be in breach of these terms and conditions. All websites submitted for review must:

  • Comply with UK laws and be suitable for a family audience
  • Offer a realistic chance of receiving a freebie or winning a free to enter competition to the user
  • Be based in the UK, and appeal to a wide UK audience
  • Not be misleading, scammy or spammy in any way
  • Have a high quality design and editorial content
  • Be owned and operated by the Advertiser
  • Have clearly displayed terms and conditions for each individual offer
  • Clearly display the Advertiser’s contact details

The Advertiser agrees to indemnify the Publisher against any claims brought by third parties in relation to the use of any marketing material provided by the Advertiser.

No listing submitted by the Advertiser will include “do follow” links or links embedded in anchor text.

The Publisher does not accept basic listings for the following categories of offers/websites: adult, gaming, gambling, bingo, data collection agencies, affiliates, multi-level-marketers, party organisers, broadband, mobile phone & telecoms, paid surveys, cashback & rewards, voucher codes, financial services, ebooks, online courses, business opportunity, loans, insurance, credit card, medical, weight-loss, cosmetic surgery, dental. Advertisers of the above mentioned categories of sites should contact us to discuss advertising rates and opportunities.

The Publisher agrees to list accepted offers on for the period specified. Each accepted offer will be listed on the home page for the duration of the listing. However, no guarantee is given in relation to the number of page views, visitor numbers or clicks during the promotion period.

If is offline for any continuous period in excess of 24 hours during the listing period agreed then the Publisher will refund the Advertiser a pro-rata amount of any fees paid.

The Advertiser acknowledges the possibility of offers being listed on “going viral”. It is therefore the responsibility of the Advertiser to put in place any limitations/restrictions (and make them clear to users) to ensure they are able to fulfil the advertised offer for the period it is listed on

The Publisher accepts no responsibility for any consequences of the offer being listed on other 3rd party websites as a result of it first appearing on

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